Protect Children
Protect Parents' Rights
Support Our Teachers
Improve Academic Achievement

I have spent most of my life working for the good of children, helping them thrive and succeed.  As a member of the school board, I will not compromise and will continue to work for what is good for children and families.

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Augusta County Republicans

Endorsement by Marshall Pattie

"Since I have been involved with the Augusta County Government, I have been alarmed with the direction of our school system. Our leadership has chased popular education trends, but has not come up a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of education in our County. When I raised this issue with the School Board I was flatly told to 'just give us more money' without any accountability.

Across Virginia we are electing school board members to say 'no' to the ridiculous polices that were coming out of Richmond. That will stop bad policy, but we need school board members who can improve the quality of education. Sharon Griffin is the perfect school board candidate that will say 'no' to polices bent on social engineering, but she is the rare candidate that will also improve the quality of education in Augusta County. Sharon is a retired educator with 40 years of experience of teaching at every level of public education, along with administration experience, including certification to be a school superintendent.

Sharon is an amazing Christian who models conservative values. Just as important, if elected, she will be the most qualified School Board member that Augusta has ever elected. I endorse Sharon Griffin, will continue to donate to her campaign, and will be working hard to get her elected. I hope you will do the same as Augusta County needs a true education leader.

As always, if you have questions about Sharon, feel free to contact me directly at 540.292.3009 or"