Too many parents have lost confidence in the public schools and are now home schooling or moving their children to private schools, yet are paying taxes to support public schools. Free, public education was implemented in our country to prepare citizens for democratic participation in the government. The Founding Fathers maintained that the success of the fragile American democracy would depend on the competency of its citizens. Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson believed that only educated citizens could make the American experiment in self-government succeed and he proposed a system of broad, free, public education. Yet many recent surveys have shown that our schools are graduating students who do not know the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights nor the three branches of government nor the reasons for this system of checks and balances.  We must change our public schools or our democratic republic will be lost.

Endorsed by the Freedom Caucus 

of Western Virginia

Facts about Me

Why am I running?


I am running because I believe that our schools and our children are in trouble.  Common sense traditional American values are under attack from cultural elites and schools are being turned into places of indoctrination not education – indoctrination into ideas that are harmful to the children and to our country.  Children must be protected. It seems that every day we hear about some teacher, administrator, or school board member somewhere in our state doing something that most Augusta County parents view as very inappropriate for children. The rights of parents to make decisions about their children has been infringed upon in several school districts in Virginia. We need strong school board members who will represent parents and children and who will stand firmly against the woke agenda. 


Too many of our children are not all right. Too many are confused about who they are, depressed, suicidal, over-sexualized, and hopeless. Too many schools have lost focus and have become places of Marxist indoctrination rather than education in the basic knowledge needed to become successful adults and successful citizens of our country. 


Too many schools have failed to focus on excellence in education. Once Virginia was known for its quality of education. The state Superintendent’s Education Report to the Governor in May 2022 found that Virginia has the lowest proficiency standards in reading and mathematics in the nation. Making the problem even worse, too many excellent teachers want to leave the profession. Teachers need the respect of school leaders and need to find joy again in teaching. Their ideas about how to teach the basic subjects should be valued and their classroom should be free from behavioral distractions that prevent other children from learning.

What do I hope to accomplish?